Some Topics to Consider When Writing a Research Paper

The research paper is becoming a staple assignment among teachers, as it requires students to research, analyze, and write. In some schools, students have it at least once a year in one of their subjects. But in other places, there may be such a paper once a semester in more than one subject.

Although teachers find it very useful, students often do not agree. Because of all the reading and writing involved, such papers take up much of their time, especially if they picked the wrong topic.

Selecting the topic

Topic selection is a very important aspect of any research paper as you will spend hours researching and analyzing the issue. To make the effort more bearable, it is wise to pick a topic that you like, which will make reading about it more enjoyable.

Your topic should also be specific so that you can better focus on the issue. Something like “A comparison of private and public schools in the 20th century” will be impossible for you to do within the time given. Narrow it down to something you can handle, or you will regret your choice.

One final hint is to ensure you have a wide range of sources. Most teachers today want a combination of references that include books, journals, newspapers, and online articles. So as you do your initial research, make sure your topic can be found in them.

Topics to choose from

With those pointers in mind, you are now ready to pick a topic. 

However, if you need more assistance, consider some of the following as possible options for your research paper.

Environment topics

  • Why is big game hunting still allowed in some areas?
  • Why do some sectors claim that global warming is not true?
  • How are schools contributing to global pollution?
  • How has the airline industry affected bird migratory patterns?
  • Is it really safe to drink tap water?

Family topics

  • When should teens begin dating?
  • Can single parents raise a child as well as a household with two working parents?
  • How do teens today view divorce?
  • Is it better to send a child to a daycare center or just hire a nanny?
  • Are parents really monitoring their children’s social media behavior?

Sports topics

  • Are athletes better role models than actors and actresses?
  • What are the top flaws in school sports programs today?
  • Has the Olympics lost its relevance in the 21st century?
  • How bad is drug abuse in gymnastics?
  • How do teens view esports?

Social issue topics

  • Can homelessness be prevented?
  • Should the legal age for purchasing alcohol be lowered?
  • Is there a rise in teenage prostitution?
  • How do teens feel about terrorism?
  • Is the church still relevant to teenagers?

Travel topics

  • How has terrorism affected tourism?
  • Is ecotourism still affecting the environment?
  • How is travel affecting indigenous tribes?
  • Are airports today still safe?
  • How important is tourism to developed countries?


Whether you are excited about it or not, the research paper is an expected projected during your time in school. Make life easier for yourself by choosing the right topic.