Botkeeper Successfully Raised $25 Million In Series B funding

Botkeeper has announced that the company has successfully raised $25 Million in Series B Funding. The recent acquiring of $25 Million helps to bring the total asset value of the company to $47.5 million. The funding round was led by the prominent investor Steve Cohen and the Point72Ventures. The investment process also includes other investors as Gradient Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Sorenson Capital and Ignition Partners.

The recent funding will significantly help to boost the company’s capability for virtual choices. In the recent scenario, when the businesses are fighting hard to be in the game, it becomes imperative to ensure that all the financial operations of the company are accurate and up to date. In recent tough economic conditions, all the accounting professionals are facing unprecedented pressure and measure to deliver service.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BotKeeper, Enrico Palmerinco said, “I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with such an impressive investor base.  Their track records and expertise in fintech and artificial intelligence will be beneficial to our product development and growth strategy.”

“The additional funding will allow us to further our mission of building The Future of Bookkeeping and double down on engineering and product development for our accounting partners,” Enrico Palmerno further added.

CRO and President at Botkeeper, Chris Mahl said, “We could not be more excited for the great partnership with our new and existing investor teams,” said Chris Mahl, President, and CRO at Botkeeper. “The team at Botkeeper along with our industry-innovating Partner Firms are fast at work transforming the space around pre-accounting.”

“Our single focus is to continue to drive value and difference to our member firms, allowing them to experience unprecedented growth in all key areas the Botkeeper solution touches. We know this is just the beginning,” Chris Mahl further added in the statement.

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