St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Appoints New Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital has announced that it has appointed Karl Reyes as the New Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. In his new responsibilities, Karl Reyes will work closely with the healthcare professional and hospital staff to ensure that the Pediatric Team always achieves the highest quality and safety standard.

The newly appointed Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Dr. Reyes most recently served at the Baylor College of Medicine in the role of Associate Professor of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. He has also worked at the UF Health Congenital Heart Center in the role of Associate Professor of Surgery at University of Florida College of Medicine.

Furthermore, he has served at the St. Luke’s Medical Center in the role of Head of Congenital Heart Surgery. He and his team were the first in Philippine to successfully perform cardiac surgery.

President of St. Joseph Children’s Hospital, Sarah Naumowich said, “We believe that low mortality and short length of stay are cornerstones of the program quality.”

“Dr. Reyes’ extensive experience as a cardiac surgeon and the compassion he has for his patients make him an excellent addition to our multidisciplinary team. He will help lead us to even greater accomplishments and growth,” Sarah Naumowich further added in the statement.

Dr. Karl Reyes said, “I am impressed with how the team of cardiologists, surgeons, intensivists and anesthesiologists work in such close collaboration to make all significant patient care decisions. This is a time-tested model that has been shown to deliver the best outcomes and gives patients and their families a very special experience.”

“Together, we can take this program to an even greater level and provide the best care possible for patients with congenital heart disease in the Tampa Bay region and beyond,” Dr. Karl Reyes concluded.

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