21st Century Oncology Teams Up With Landmark Cancer Center To Provide Advanced Level Clinical Care To Patients

21st Century Oncology, a leading US-based Cancer Care Network in the US, has announced on Friday May 8, 2020 that the healthcare company has teamed up with the Landmark Cancer Center that will help to provide advanced academic-level clinical care to cancer patients throughout the US.

The company has further added that the joint venture with the Landmark Cancer Center will help to add 2 radiologists, 7 medical oncologists and 12 radiation oncologists, including a fellowship-trained breast surgeon to its expert panel.

With the help of the partnership, the 21st Century Oncology and Landmark Cancer Center will continue to focus on providing the best healthcare services to their clients. The joint venture will also add the 170 clinical offices in 15 states across the US.

Chief Executive Officer, Kim Commins-Tzoumakas said, “We are happy to bring this transaction to close and focus on the benefits of this exciting combination with partners who are very much aligned with our core values and growth strategies.”

At 21st Century Oncology, we are focused on bringing world-class care, with the latest research, technology and expertise, to patients in their own neighborhoods and communities each day. I have no doubt that the addition of the Landmark team will only help us to achieve that goal.” Kim further added.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Landmark Cancer Center, Jon Tryggestad said, “21st Century Oncology shares our vision and core values and we could not be more excited to partner with this world class team.”

About 21st Century Oncology:

The 21st Century Oncology is the largest US-based integrated Cancer Network. The company has hired more than 900 healthcare professionals across the United States for different domains, such as medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, urologists and so on.

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