Vivaris Capital Launches VICAN for United Cancer Centers In The US

Vivaris Capital has announced that the company has launched the dedicated VICAN for United Cancers, as the first institutional healthcare system in the United States. The VICAN for United Cancers would significantly help the patient to gain access to the potentially life-saving therapies that have cleared the initial trial phases, but have not received the approval of the Federal Drug Authority or FDA.

The company’s VICAN for the United Cancer Center is unique in its own class as it gives total access to investors on growth equity investments, while totally securing the principal. Cancer is widely regarded as the leading cause of death in individuals in the US that claims more than 600,000 per annum.

The VICAN provides the much needed novel treatment to patients, who desperately need them for their survival and battling cancer. The United Cancer Center was formed by the owners of the CHIPSA Hospital, who has served the cancer patients for over 35 years.

Chief Executive Officer of Vivaris Capital, Christopher Mizer said, “We created the VICAN structured financial product to provide access to alternative asset investments to individual investors, family offices, and smaller institutions.”

Alternative assets are among the best performing investments historically, providing better valuations and higher growth than publicly traded companies and bonds on average,” Chief Executive Officer of Vivaris Capital, Christopher Mizer further added.

Co-Founder and President of United Cancer Centers, Ed Lay said, “We are taking three revolutionary ideas and combining them. We are using a unique investment vehicle, an unprecedented system that was just passed through Congress, and leading edge therapies that have the possibility to really change the world. We are giving patients the access to medicine in the fight of their lives that may very well become the standard of care in the future.”

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