Hospitality Group Launches Dedicated Hospitality Networking Website

Hospitality Group has announced that the company has launched a dedicated Hospitality Networking Website in Canada for North America. It is the vision of the Hospitality Group to bring the entire professionals and hospitality industry to create “The world’s largest hospitality community”.

The company has further added that there is a huge scope of networking hospitality that can easily bring about all the sub-categories from each city, country and continent at one platform.

Chief Executive Officer of Hospitality Group, Raj Bhatt said, “When you are opening a hotel or a restaurant, there are some guidelines and protocols that you would like to discuss and get suggestions. We want to provide you that platform, where people from the same position and industry are available to share some fantastic ideas which can help you organize better than you had imagined.”

“They might be sitting across the globe but are using better technology, procedures, and measures. It would be ecstatic if you can get everything at your fingertips by just posting that one question on We want to make it easier for the hotel companies to post that one crucial job and receive only shortlisted CV’s that would fit their company as uses high standards for matching profiles, we want to reduce the burden from the HR people’s shoulders,” Raj Bhatt further added.

“When an International hotel management institute posts a course online, we want to make sure that students are available in the network to apply for online courses and can register themselves overseas by just hitting one button on,” Raj Bhatt added.

“There is no website where companies can post their articles, promotions, deals and offers directly and share. With, we have created an amazing timeline for the companies where they can publish all these things in their account,” Raj Bhatt concluded.

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